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One Hundred New Weichai Lovol Tractors Were Shipped to North America

Recently, one hundred new Weichai Lovol tractors were shipped to North America. It is reported that the first batch includes four tractor models, ranging from 25 to 125 hp. The tractors were certified to EPA Tier 4 emission standard for non-road vehicles. The Lovol tractors shipped this time are equipped with high-quality imported engines, supported by a synchronizer for shifting and wet clutch. They are capable of PTO electro-hydraulic control and four-wheel drive. Suspension seats are mounted in the cab for optimized control via ergonomics. In addition, the tractors are characterized by high working efficiency, strong power, comfortable operation, etc., and are highly suitable for multi-purpose operation in the North American market.

According to the business manager, the customer has visited the Company multiple times and speak highly of the Company's product quality and service, and both parties are confident in the cooperation. Moreover, as the first order for batch export after the launch of the newly developed Lovol product, it broke the record of the number of tractors in a single batch export to Canada, laying a foundation for the growth of sales volume in the Canadian market.