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• LOVOL is committed to protecting your personal privacy, and you can access most of our web pages without providing any personal information. However, we sometimes need some personal information to provide you with requested services. In this case, the privacy statement details the data collection and usage, and it is only applicable to this website. Please read the complete privacy statement. 

• The privacy policy includes how LOVOL deals with users' ID data collected in their use of website service, and the quantity and category of collected data depend on your means of using this website. The privacy clauses are only applicable to LOVOL's online information collection, and it is not applicable to information collection beyond this website. 

• Your usage of this website means that you agree with existing privacy policy pubished by this website. In the event that you do not agree with this policy, please terminate the usage of this website. In addition, we reserve the right of modifying the privacy policy on LOVOL's website without prior notice. 

Clauses beyond guarantee 

• LOVOL is unable to guarantee the confidentiality in your usage of this website, and it bears no responsibility for any damage to you or others arising from information disclosure when you use this website or send information to this website. 

Collection of your personal information

• In the event that we need your identification to contact you we will request your consent, or if you purchase LOVOL products, we will ask you to provide such information. Personal information collected in this website is only limited to Email address, language, country, geographical location, mailing address, and telephone number etc. Nevertheless, we may collect other information while providing you with the requested service. 


• LOVOL will make use of Cookies at any time, and Cookies is the unique text document transmitted from our website to your browser software. Cookies enables the website to modify the displayed information based on your browsing selection. LOVOL can leverage the Cookies to remember you when you need service. In the event that you do not want to have LOVOL's Cookies in your browser, you can set your browser to refuse the Cookies. 

Usage of your personal information

• Your personal information will be mainly used in the following aspects: 

• To assure that our website can meet your requirements. 

• To assist us in creating and providing considerate service for you. 

• To remind you of getting product update information, products at discount, updated information, and other new services from LOVOL (in the event that you request these services). 

• To allow you to visit restrictive areas on our website. 

To share your information with others 

• Your information may be saved or processed at LOVOL, or its subsidiaries, branches, or agencies, and you agree that your personal information can be transmitted to these regions or institutions by using this website. 

• We will offer your information to the selected cooperative business partners, in order to provide you with products or service information favorable for you or your enterprises. If you do not expect that we offer your information to business partners, please inform us by any means specified in the policy. 

• Besides, LOVOL reserves the subcontractors'service for our convenience. They complete the product delivery & shipment, provide the technical support, or handle the order. We require that these subcontractors shall reserve the customers' personal information in a safe and confidential way; also, we require that these subcontractors shall make use of personal information only in the name of LOVOL. 

• Please note that LOVOL may provide your personal information to governmental departments or disclose your personal information according to legal obligations in some cases. 

Links to cooperative websites and business partners

• You may find other companies'links at LOVOL's website, and LOVOL assumes no responsibility for our cooperative business partners' privacy policy. We agree that you can read their privacy statement, which may be different from ours.