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Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to visit LOVOL spare parts warehouse !

This is LOVOL center warehouse. It covers an area of 31,000 square meters, indoor area be about 21,000 square meters and outdoor area be about 10,000 square meters. Now, reserve more than 33,300 kinds of parts, and the value is more than 60 million Yuan, which can meet the market terminal parts demand effectively. 

The indoor parts warehouse is divided into warehouses No. 1-4. No. 1 warehouse has 2 floors, mainly used to store wheat harvester, rice harvester, corn harvester and other harvester spare parts; No.2 warehouse uniform use 4 floor high shelf, mainly used to store tractor spare parts; No.3 and No.4 are large parts warehouses, mainly used to store parts with big volume. The entire parts warehouse is packaged, warehousing and shipped in one. The daily average shipment volume reaches one million Yuan.

The overseas parts sub-warehouse covers an area of 2,300 square meters, which the indoor area is 1,700 square meters and the outdoor area is 600 square meters, the regular inventory is about 50 million yuan, and possess 12,600 kinds of stock parts. The entire parts warehouse is divided into accessories waiting for packing area, storage area, shipping packaging area and waiting for shipping area, each area are clean and tidy。All parts shipped to overseas market, including tractors, harvesters and all kinds of agricultural machinery pars, are purchase, transfer and packed here.

Use WMS system, making all procedures become informative, in overseas warehouse.

Packing standard, enough protection, making transportation safe with long distance transportation under various modes of shipment。

Order delivery is guaranteed. Urgent order(except for old state parts) can ship within 3 working days and reserve orders can be ready at latest in 20 working days, since the date of order issuance on CRM system.

All parts warehouses are closely linked with various production factories, sharing spare parts resources, and establishing an efficient parts allocation mechanism to ensure reliable, efficient and accurate accessory protection for each user.

How to order spare parts, we have to ways: online and offline.

First, we suggest use SES system to order online.

Order offline, should provide relevant information, VIN or model with produce date and parts No. in excel file to parts seller.