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LOVOL is our most distinguished guest

In May, the rainy season in West Africa is approaching, and it's the season of farming again. In order to let users fully feel the "customer-centric" concept of LOVOL Heavy Industries, and reflect the care for users, the first stop in the African region of the "Service Miles" campaign launched by the overseas business department was selected in Mali.

The LOVOL service team members carried their accessories to the hinterland of West Africa, braved the scorching sun and scorching heat, walked through the bushes and grasslands, visited every LOVOL user and brought them the most kind care of LOVOL. Wherever they go, the LOVOL service team members are always warmly welcomed, and even in some villages, almost all members are sent out to welcome them. They sang and danced, welcoming guests from far away from China, and conveyed the enthusiasm of African people with their sincere feelings, and thanked LOVOL products and services for helping them to get rich in labor.

Located in southern Mali, La Liga is the second largest city in Mali and the main agricultural production area in Mali. Here, LOVOL tractors are very large, with a market share of more than 60%. Snkutupo, a user in his 50s, has guarded the acres of land left by his ancestors for generations, working at sunrise and resting at sunset. A family of more than a dozen people worked hard for a year, and they could barely mix food and clothing. In 2016, with the help of the local government's agricultural loan, Snkutupo purchased a LOVOL MB500 tractor to plow farmland during busy periods and run transportation during slack periods. After two years of operation, Snkutupo's wallet began to bulge. The family's life has undergone a radical change. Not only did the loan for the machine be paid off in advance, but also a new house was built, and the grandson also had money to go to school.

When he called and learned that the LOVOL service team was coming to his home to maintain the tractor, he immediately became excited, organized the whole family to welcome the village, and personally drove the tractor to the road more than 50 kilometers away to meet the LOVOL team members. On the way home from the top team, Snkutupo kept saying thank you. After the team members jumped off the tractor, Snkutupo's wife immediately served them with freshly baked bread, and thanked them: "Revo is our most distinguished guest!"

A few days later, the LOVOL service team members came to the city of Mobodi on the border of the northern desert of Mali. When they came to the home of the user KOUYATA, this simple middle-aged man was preparing for the wedding of his eldest son. At this moment, the LOVOL tractor of the KOUYATA family was also covered with a red ribbon as a wedding car and placed in the most conspicuous position in the yard. When he saw the LOVOL service team, the first sentence he said was "Today you are the most distinguished guests of my son's wedding." After speaking, he took the hands of the LOVOL service team members and sat on the most distinguished seat at the wedding site, and told the visiting relatives and friends how he got rid of poverty by using the LOVOL tractor and embarked on the road of making a fortune. The relatives and friends around also admired and blessed enviously. Someone immediately said that they would also hurry to buy a LOVOL tractor.

In the process of service visits, such wonderful stories are staged almost every day. In Mali, LOVOL tractors have penetrated into local villages and villages, plowing the land for Mali, and reaping the hope of a good harvest. It has become a beautiful landscape in many Mali countryside in recent years.