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Value concept
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Value Concept

Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agricultural adopts the basic concept of market economy in human resource management.

The first is the concept of level difference. The first is to emphasize that there are differences in human abilities, and the differences in abilities lead to differences in the division of labor among people in enterprises. Second, the difference in division of labor leads to differences in the way people earn income in enterprises. The third is the difference in income methods leading to differences in people's income levels.

Second, we emphasize the concept of efficiency first. Society emphasizes fairness while enterprises emphasize efficiency to realize the combination of efficiency and fairness. The idea of efficiency first actually promotes the emergence and development of human capital.

The third is teamwork. There are hierarchical differences in enterprises. This difference indicates that everyone is important and part of the organization. Therefore, teamwork is the key to the success of an enterprise.

The fourth is to emphasize loyalty. This includes the loyalty of monetary capital to human capital, the loyalty of human capital to monetary capital, the loyalty of superiors to subordinates, and the loyalty of subordinates to superiors. To emphasizing the concept of loyalty is actually for human capital to enter the stage of history, regulating and ensuring the operation of human capital.