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New employee training
stepping out of the ivory tower, towards professionalism Let new college students experience the "warm" talent training. The comprehensive training for new employee, starting from firm confidence and feeling the Weichai Lovol’s culture, implementing a dual tutor system during the training period, two-way guidance by skilled masters and departmental tutors, and skilled masters assisting the new employees have a faster and better understanding of the company's product knowledge and production processes, laying a solid foundation for their future; departmental tutors help new employees to go deep into the business, fully understand their job knowledge, and ensure stable and continuous supply of talents.
On-the-job training
Cultivation of professional talent team
Analyze training needs, identify the ability improvement points, tailor a full series of product courses for the professional talent team, combine theory and practice, let students learn product knowledge from the source, and supervise the whole process , set up effective student incentives, expand training to enhance team cohesion, strict full-process management, so that students can truly master professional knowledge and product knowledge, and form sales assistance tools that meet the actual position, accumulate experience, set up post-training review, and let the learning gains are visible.
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  • College motivation
  • Developing training
  • Whole-process management
Skilled talent team training
Skilled talents support the development of the industry, in order to accelerate the training of first-line skilled talents, the annual technical assessment of industrial workers is carried out, and the vocational skill training and promotion channel from apprentice to craftsman is gradually improved, establish a skilled workforce with middle and senior workers as the mainstream; employee skill competition stimulates vitality, cultivates Weichai Lovol craftsmen, and inherits the spirit of ingenuity
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  • Staff skill competition
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