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Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agricultural Technology CO., LTD is a world-famous mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise, which is committed to achieving intelligent manufacturing, intelligent management and intelligent service through industrial technology, and providing interconnected, efficient and reliable overall solutions for global modern agricultural production, urban life construction and resource industries. At present, it has about 13000 employees and its business covers more than 120 countries and regions around the world.

Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agricultural Technology CO., LTD business scope covers construction machinery, agricultural equipment, vehicles, power technology, financial technology and network technology, and has a complete core component industry chain. It innovates and adheres to the development mode of "Global R&D, Global Manufacturing and Distribution ", and sets up R&D centers, manufacturing bases and marketing service networks in many overseas countries.

In terms of customer service, Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agricultural Technology CO., LTD adheres to the service concept of "wholeheartedly for you", creates comprehensive, interactive and one-stop service experience for customers, and continuously expands new areas of customer value-added.

Facing the future,Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agricultural Technology CO., LTD will continue to accelerate the pace of globalization development, build and improve the global operation control system. Adhering to the core values of honesty, respect, innovation, passion and professional team, we always adhere to the customer-centered principle, and give back to global customers with high-quality products and services to become the world's off-highway walking machinery equipment brand.

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The world's off-highway walking machinery equipment brand