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Make good use of talents and retain talents

First, we retain talent by providing a good career. Human resources are the source of enterprise development. Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agricultural grand development strategy with the revitalization of national industry as its mission is a huge attraction to employees. A good career is fundamental for talent retention, and the company provides employees with a broad platform to build a successful career.

Second, we retain talent by an excellent administrative mechanism. Our company attaches importance to the value and dignity of employees, adopts scientific, systematic and standardized management methods, and advocates democratic management and behavioral science. Through efficient operation, sound incentive mechanisms and perfect training systems, and a strong learning atmosphere, we ensure employee self-growth and self-realization. 

Third, we retain talent by favorable policies. Our company adheres to the “moral-first and performance-oriented”principles to fully motivate the employees. We specially implement dynamic salary adjustments for young employees and various management and technical talents, and set up various special bonus policies to attract and retain talent.

Fourth, we retain talent by our special enterprise culture. The common ideals, values and codes of conduct have been deeply rooted in the minds of our employees. We use ideas to unify will and actions, and constantly create a harmonious, united and progressive working atmosphere.

Persist in mobility and maintain the vitality of human resources

The first is that cadres can be up and down to maintain the vitality of the cadre team. Weichai Lovol Heavy Industry adheres to the principle of “team first, individual second; character first, performance-oriented; capable of promotion and demotion, dynamic adjustment; matching of people and positions, and best use of talents” principle, select outstanding cadres to suitable positions, and constantly Optimize the cadre structure to provide more development space for outstanding employees.

The second is to continue to promote the appraisal and appointment of professional and technical personnel, so as to maintain the vitality of the professional and technical team. Oriented by performance contribution and value creation, according to the actual ability and work performance of each employee, they can be up and down, and encourage employees to improve their quality and ability, to work hard and pay attention of performance.

Third, we insist on optimization of human resources, maintain the vitality of the staff team, and improve the labor productivity of all employees.