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Work Place
Overseas Sales Company
Regional Marketing Manager

1. Responsible for overseas marketing business operations in South America/CIS/USA, Canada and Australia/Southeast Asia/Africa;

2. Responsible for regional agricultural machinery market research, product demand analysis, and competitive research;

3. Responsible for regional market business planning, marketing strategy formulation and execution;

4. Responsible for customer development, construction and maintenance of distribution network;

5. Responsible for team building and personnel management in the region;

6. Responsible for regional business goals.


1. Level of education: Bachelor’s degree or above;

2. Major of education: Mechanical, English/Russian/Spanish, Marketing;

3. Have at least 2 years of marketing experience in agricultural machinery, construction machinery and other machinery industries;

4. Have experience in independently acquiring customers and organizing marketing activities;

5. Applicants having experiences of working abroad are preferred.

Ms. Wang
Overseas Sales Company
Regional Service Manager

1.Responsible for the construction of national or regional market service system;

2. Responsible for the construction and management of the national or regional service network;

3. Responsible for product troubleshooting in the country or region;

4. Planning and implementing annual service activities;

5. Responsible for customer relationship maintenance in the region;

6. Responsible for the collection of market service information and industry information in the region;

7. Responsible for the collection of product improvement suggestions in the region;

8. Responsible for reaching the annual sales target of accessories.


1. Bachelor’s degree or above, major related to mechanical engineering;

2. CET-4 and above, with good oral communication skills;

3.Have service experience of 2 years and above in the agricultural machinery industry, love service work, and have strong hands-on ability;

4. Have a cheerful personality, strong interpersonal communication skills and an anti-stress ability.

Ms. Wang