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Fully meeting the dealers' demand for products in the peak season

Mr. Guan Yanqing, executive deputy general manager of Five star vehicle Group and general manager of the marketing company, said that Five star vehicle Group has fully launched the fourth national products, setting a good example in the industry. And the group launched T9 replacement products, K8, K9 large cartons, planned products of the user group and industry development direction. At the same time, the general manager will focus on analyzing and explaining the market environment in the first half of 2020, the implementation of industry policies and regulations, and how dealers break the ice in market operation to help participating dealers sort out their ideas and strengthen their confidence in law-abiding operation in the industry.

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While Five star vehicle Group satisfies the market and serves good dealers, this meeting also equips participating dealers with a very strong new product launch policy. Through the order link of the meeting, the first and second level outlets actively participated, and this meeting exceeded the meeting goals of motorcycles and electric cars, fully meeting the dealers' demand for products in the peak season. The meeting was a complete success