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From January 10th to 11th, the 2021 annual business meeting of five-star vehicles with the theme of "New era, New five Stars and New Journey" was held in Zhucheng. The meeting reviewed the management work in 2020, analyzed the opportunities and challenges facing the development of the vehicle industry, and formulated the management strategy and objectives for 2021. Huang Weizhong, deputy general manager of the company and general manager of Wuxing vehicle factory, Wu Xiaoyong, deputy secretary of the party committee and secretary of the discipline inspection commission of the company, Liu Jie, assistant to the general manager and executive deputy general manager of Wuxing vehicle factory, and relevant leaders of the factory, as well as representatives of dealers from all over the country attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Huang Weizhong, deputy general manager of the company and general manager of the five-star vehicle factory, made a strategic operation and development planning report entitled "New era, New five-Star New Journey". In 2020, five-star vehicles overcame the adverse effects of the epidemic, took the lead in resuming work and production, "retrograde" started the market, overcame the difficulties together with dealers, and handed in a satisfactory answer in the "epidemic examination". In 2021, the industrial environment is relatively stable, the speed of industry adjustment is accelerated, and the prosperity of e-commerce and logistics industry will bring opportunities for the growth of tricycle vehicles. The factory will fully implement "innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading", taking brand upgrade, product upgrade and quality upgrade as an opportunity to create a brand-new five-star brand. In 2021, after strategic restructuring, Leiwo heavy Industry will give full play to the advantage of resource synergy to build a world-class manufacturing industry group. While stabilizing the advantages of the vehicle industry, the factory will quickly study and promote new business, gradually form the strategic layout of the vehicle industry + special agricultural equipment industry in the future, promote the complementary advantages of the industry, and realize the sustainable development of the business. In terms of brand upgrading, take the brand LOGO logo upgrade as an opportunity to reshape the brand connotation, while deeply excavating the value of the Leiwo brand, strongly spread in the terminal, and consolidate the high-end brand image of the industry. In terms of product upgrading, increase investment in research and development, enhance strategic product planning capabilities, promote the transformation of products to the middle and high end, and lead the development of the tricycle industry. In terms of quality upgrading, on the basis of consolidating the achievements of quality improvement in 2020, we will continue to vigorously promote the re-upgrading of quality standards, focus on solving systematic and repetitive problems, and continue to expand the leading edge of quality. In terms of network capability upgrading, we should further consolidate the core network, enhance the backbone and potential network, optimize some small and medium-sized networks, and vigorously promote network development, breakthrough and integration to achieve network capability upgrading. Break through the special-purpose vehicle market, focus on sanitation vehicles and logistics vehicles, implement the simultaneous development of domestic and overseas business, integrate various resources, and break through the special-purpose vehicle market in an all-round way. Innovate logistics model, actively explore KD shipping mode, vigorously promote multi-business assembly, large grouping order reporting, and further improve logistics shipping efficiency and transport quality. Further improve market efficiency, fully implement the core values of "customer satisfaction is our purpose", focus on key areas and key markets, conduct regular market inspection, and further improve terminal service awareness and response efficiency.