Main Features

Fashionable appearance and comfortable cabin.

Operating handle is properly arranged and easily controlled, allowing safer and more comfortable operaton.

Standard 3 clinders engine, stable performance and reliable quality.

Highly user-friendly maintance system easily handles different challenges.

Dual-speed PTO is adopted for more fuel-efficient field operation. Solid CAT three-point hitch realizes more reliable field operation.

Strong versatility.

It can make front loading operation and backhoe operation.

Technical parameters

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Technical parameters

Drive type 4*4
Overall dimension(L * W * H) 3500*1555*2675 (safety frame) 3500*1555*2400 (Cab)
Wheelbase (mm) 1806
Track(front/rear) 1220/1240~1440
Track(front/rear) regulating method Fixed/stepless
Min.Ground clearance(mm) 320
Min.operating weight (kg) 1806
Counterweight (max)(front/rear) 80/124
Gears(forward/reverse/creeper) 8+8/16+4
Theoretical speed of each gear(forward/reverse) 1.72-26.02/2.25-10.39;1.72-26.02/1.61-24.24;
Brand Laidong
Engine type Vertical Type, water-cooling, four-stroke diesel engine
Intake mode Natural intake
Number of cylinders 4
Bore 85
Stroke 95
Displacement(L) 1.53
Engine rated power kW@rpm 25.7
Rated speed 2350
Air cleaner type Dry or wet type
Type of cooling system Water-cooled
Max. Torque@ revolving speed (rpm) ≥124/1650±100
Specific fuel consumption at rated conditions (g/kW.h) ≤248
Fuel tank capacity (L) 32
Steering brake system
Type of steering system Hydraulic
Type of steering gear Cycloid orbitrol steering gear
Type of braking system Shoe type
Transmission system
Clutch type Double action
Gearbox type Two-axis mechanical gearbox
Gearbox shift mode Shift sleeve +sliding gear
Type of central transmission Spiral bevel gear type
Final transmission mode (front/rear) Built-in type, single-stage spur gear
Walking system
Frame type Frameless
Working device
Type of hydraulic suspension system Open-center, separated type
Type of linkage Three point rear linkage
Linkage classes Class 0 or class I
Lift capacity(610mm point))(kN) 6.6
Regulating mode Positioning control and floating control
Type of PTO shaft Non-independent type
The number of PTO shaft splines 6 splines/8splines
Outer diameter of PTO shaft spline φ35/φ38
PTO shaft speed 540/760 or 540/1000
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic output flow (L/min) 35

Product specifications

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