Main Features

1. Complete accessories with strong power and  low fuel consumption;
2. The hydraulic system is environment-friendly, energy saving and highly efficient;
3. Ideal option for transportation, desert, oil field, power plant and mines.

Technical parameters

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Technical parameters

Type of Shovel Blade Straight tilting shovel/U-shovel
Operating Weight (kg) 17600/17700
Ground Pressure(Kpa) 68.2/68.5
Center Distance of Crawler(mm) 1880
Minimum Ground Clearance(mm) 352.5
Slope Climbing Performance(º) 30/25
Shovel Blade Capacity(m3) 5/7.4
Shovel Blade Width(mm) 3297/4240
Maximum Digging Depth(mm) 420/377
External Dimension(mm) 5416*3297*3160
Model WD10G178E25
Fly Wheel Power(KW) 121
Rated Speed(rpm) 1850
Maximum Torque( N·m/rpm) 830/1000-1200
Fuel Consumption(g/Kw·h) ≤214
Hydraulic System
Maximum System Pressure(Mpa) 12
System Flow(L/min) 185
Travel System
Model Sprayed beam, semi-rigid
Width of Track Shoe(mm) 500
Forward Gear(Km/h) 3.32-11.40 Three gears,3.32-11.40
Reverse Gear(Km/h) 4.00-13.87 Three gears, 4.00-13.87
Driving System
Torque Converter (Main Clutch) Single stage single phase tri-element
Gear Box Planetary gearing, power shift
Steering Clutch Wet type, hydraulic disengagement
Steering Brake Wet type, pedal mechanical operation
Final Driving Two-stage spur gear deceleration

Product specifications

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