Main Features

Updating and upgrading of the chassis: The automobile chassis technology is introduced and the integrated seat footboard is adopted to fully meet the driving demand of the user, leading a more relaxed long-distance driving. Updating and upgrading of the style: The ergonomics principle is strictly followed to adopt the extra-strong ABS engineering plastic with brand new models design to widen the front wind screen, effectively resisting the cold wind and protecting the knee, and the reverse gear control is set in the middle to shift gears easily. Updating and upgrading of the seat and cushion: The integrated sofa seat is adopted to thicken the cushion, and the sponge soaked in cold water is of high abrasive resistance which makes the ride more comfortable.  Improvement of the comfort: The front suspension adopts the overstriking single-arm shock absorber with the spring set outside to effectively improve the rigidity of the shock absorber and the hydraulic flexible damping structure to effectively improve the smoothness during driving the automobile. The rear suspension is the main and assistant spring structure with high-quality 60Si2Mn material which is equipped with good elasticity and strong carrying capacity.Upgrading of safety: The driving safety is taken as the chief standard, and the rear wheel adopts the combination of the hydraulic hub brake, inner-expansion brake shoes, hydraulic brake master cylinder, wheel brake cyliner and bi-directional-servo brake to greatly improve the automobile brake performance so as to implement indeed the confident driving and safety first.Upgrading of configuration: The 5.00-12 three-wheel interchange tyre is adopted with a strong performance on ground connection, leading a more stable driving in the entire automobile and free travel in mountainous region and hills.

Technical parameters

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Technical parameters

Displacement(cc) 150
Main Parametr
overall dimensions of vehicle(mm) 3490*1420*1450
overall dimensions of cargo box(mm) 1900*1350*320
Fuel consumption(km) 3.8L/100
Loading capacity(kg) 800
Max.speed(km/h) ≤60
Engine Single cyclinder,Water-cooled,4-stroke
Rated power(ph) 16
Fuel tank capacity(L) 15
Start mode Kick/electric
Gear of gearbox/reverse 5/1
Real axle Full floating
Driving type Shaft transmission
Tire(F/R) 5.00-12/5.00-12
Brake type Drum
Qty in 40HQ(units) 12/48(SKD)
Color Red/Blue
- Two speed gearbox(H/L speed)

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