Main Features

1. Complete accessories with strong power and  low fuel consumption;
2. The hydraulic system is environment-friendly, energy saving and highly efficient;
3. Ideal option for transportation, desert, oil field, power plant and mines.

Technical parameters

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Technical parameters

Type of Shovel Blade Angle shovel/straight tilting shovel
Operating Weight (kg) 16600/16500
Ground Pressure(Kpa) 63.3/62.9
Center Distance of Crawler(mm) 1880
Minimum Ground Clearance(mm) 400
Slope Climbing Performance(º) 30/25
Shovel Blade Capacity(m3) 4.0/4.5
Shovel Blade Width(mm) 3762/3297
Maximum Digging Depth(mm) 400
External Dimension(mm) 5486*3762*2842/ 5336*3297*2842
Model WD10G156E26
Fly Wheel Power(KW) 104
Rated Speed(rpm) 1800
Maximum Torque( N·m/rpm) 780/1200
Fuel Consumption(g/Kw·h) ≤215
Hydraulic System
Maximum System Pressure(Mpa) 11.76
System Flow(L/min) 180
Travel System
Model Sprayed beam, semi-rigid
Width of Track Shoe(mm) 500
Forward Gear(Km/h) 2.52-10.61 Five gears, 2.52-10.61
Reverse Gear(Km/h) 四档,3.53-10.53 Four gears,3.53-10.53
Driving System
Torque Converter (Main Clutch) Normally open type, wet, hydraulic power operation
Gear Box Normally engaged bevel gear driving, coupling sleeve shift
Steering Clutch Wet type, hydraulic disengagement
Steering Brake Wet type, pedal mechanical operation
Final Driving Two-stage spur gear deceleration

Product specifications

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