Main Features

1.The vehicle uses the WEICHAI WP6G125E22 engine which is powerful and excellent. Alternatively, the YUCHAI YC6B125-T20 engine or 6BT5.9-C130-II engine is optional.
2.The 360°panoramic cab provides an increase of interior space by 10% for maximum visibility. The cab uses the reinforced framework and floor platform to keep drivers safe and comfortable in a productive environment.
3.Using the dual-pump flow-converging system, the hydraulic system is substantially energy-efficient. The fully hydraulic priority load sensing valve provides easy operation.
4.The cooling system is optimized to allow the radiator to be arranged into a two-layer structure for maximum ventilation and meets the environment temperature of 45℃, improving adaptability to high temperature environment.
5.The engine hood is optimized. Using the full framework structure, its strength increases by 130%. Using the side door structure, it holds a larger interior space, thereby providing easy inspection and service availability.
6.The air-conditioning system is optimized and allows increased refrigeration and heating performance and increases the cab ventilation by 50%. In addition, using the independent heat dissipation technology, the air-conditioning condenser is able to achieve a more excellent refrigeration effect.
7.The hydraulic cylinder system allows the jib lifting force to increase by 20KN by thickening the jib cylinder and its axis pins.

Technical parameters

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Technical parameters

Complete machine parameters
Rated load(kg) 3000
Operating mass (standard)(kg) 10300
Bucket capacity(m³) 1.8
Boom lifting time(S) 5.7
Sum of three items(S) 10.5
Max. traction force(kN) 92
Max. breakout force(kN) 120
Running system
Forward speed range(km/h) 0-37
Backward speed range(km/h) 0-31.5
Gearbox shift Front : 4 gears rear: 2 gears
Max. gradeability(°) 30
Steering angle(°) 36
Tire model 17.5-25-12PR
Service brake caliper disc brake
Parking brake flexible shaft control caliper disc brake
Tire center(mm) 5131
Outside of bucket(mm) 5980
Hydraulic system
Working system pressure(Mpa) 16
Working system displacement(ml/r) 63
Steering system pressure(Mpa) 14
Steering system displacement(ml/r) 63
Hydraulic oil volume(L) 110
Working scope
Outline dimension(mm) 7250×2420×3220
Wheelbase(mm) 2750
Track(mm) 1850
Min. grounding distance (at hinge position)(mm) 375
Max. unloading height(mm) 2990
Unloading distance at max. unloading height(mm) 1100
Engine parameters
Model(Yuchai) YC6B125-T20
Type(Yuchai) Six-cylinder, in-line, direct injection, natural inspiration, and water cooling
Rated power(Kw/rpm)(Yuchai) 92/2200
Max. torque / speed(N.m/rpm)(Yuchai) 463/1400-1600
Cylinder bore x stroke(mm)(Yuchai) Φ108×125
Displacement(L)(Yuchai) 6.871
Fuel consumption rate at rated working condition(g/Kw.h)(Yuchai) 235
Fuel tank capacityt(L) 140
Model(Weichai) Weichai WP6G125E22
Type(Weichai) Six-cylinder, in-line, direct injection, turbocharging, and water cooling
Rated power(Kw/rpm)(Weichai) 92/2200
Max. torque / speed(N.m/rpm)(Weichai) 500/1400-1600
Cylinder bore x stroke(mm)(Weichai) Φ105×130
Displacement(L)(Weichai) 6.754
Fuel consumption rate at rated working condition(g/Kw.h)(Weichai) 225
Model(DCEC) DCEC 6BT5.9-C130
Type(DCEC) Six-cylinder, in-line, direct injection, turbocharging, and water cooling
Rated power(Kw/rpm)(DCEC) 97/2200
Max. torque / speed(N.m/rpm)(DCEC) 560/1500
Cylinder bore x stroke(mm)(DCEC) Φ102×120
Displacement(L)(DCEC) 5.9
Fuel consumption rate at rated working condition(g/Kw.h)(DCEC) 235
Fuel tank capacityt(L) /

Product specifications

Supporting EquipmentStandard bucket, stone bucket, quickchange bucket, quick change bottom fork, wooden fork, grass fork, fork; cold start device can be optionally equipped to deal with the cold circumstance

Service support

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