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Creating More Value for Customers with Excellent Services -To All Lovol Overseas Service Members On-Duty during the Spring Festival

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“We always do our best for you”, and we will never stop our service till the end of the world. The maintenance and troubleshooting services are just like precious gold medals awarded to Lovol for its efforts in creating customer value.

On January 27, 2017, the Chinese New Year’s Eve, while most Chinese gathered together with their families to enjoy the most important traditional festival, there were still a group of Lovol staff working their best to support the later spring ploughing. Giving up the opportunity to reunion with their families, they worked on providing tour services for Lovol tractor customers in Algeria, persistently committed to the initiative of “wining gold medals by creating value for customers”.

At that time, Algeria was in summer, the weather was hot and dry. The hot sunshine burning the earth, heated the ground to over 45 degrees. On a piece of land to be cultivated, an after-sales service car stopped, and two Lovol service members were patiently offering maintenance to the customer in front of a tractor. Sweat was rolling down along their cheeks and wetted over their uniforms. However, they had no complaint, but contributed with their youth and passion.

As the owner of this Lovol tractor, Birdal said happily with his thumbs up: “Since I bought this Lovol tractor, I have never worried about the after-sales service. When the time for maintenance comes, Lovol service staff will arrive in time, without any delay. With such good service, it will be hard for failures to get close to my tractor. Ha ha ha! LOVOL, perfect!”

Lovol Heavy Industry has always been strengthening the importance of customer’s interest and creating values to customers by deeply understanding and satisfying their needs. This is why Lovol is widely recognized and respected by customers.

In addition to the tour services, Lovol service teams also pay attention to the first-hand materials and measure the ambient temperature, altitude, indicators of tractors including running speed, fuel consumption, wear and tear of chassis critical parts and frequency of quick-wear parts failure in a real time manner. All the data is timely sent to Lovol product database and gradually form a big database. After analyzing and processing the big data with the aid of software, the typical operating conditions of tractors can be achieved with details, which can used as an important basis for product development, fault diagnosis, service engineering development and spare parts reserve, so as to develop products in the light of local circumstances, provide customers with more stable products, extend the service life of tractors and reduce the maintenance cost, creating greater operation values.

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