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Lovol Service Staff in Sudan during the Spring Festival

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On January 13, 2017, Sudan Project Team, consisting of six staff of Lovol came to Sudan for the local maintenance and fitting supply services. This project is a key step of providing Africa with overall solution to modern agriculture with the implementation of “China-Sudan Cooperation Plan for Agricultural Modernization” in the context of China’s strategic deployment of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

After about 20-hour travel, the team arrived in the destination. It was past 23:00 pm local time after they unpacked their luggage. Without having rest, the team leader called the members together for detailed arrangements of the follow-up work. Centering on customer requirements, the members were devoted to meeting user’s demands for complete terminal operation with product and fitting supply services.

On the next morning, all members of the team worked in normal state quickly as scheduled. They fully performed their duties and played their roles by unstuffing, assembling the harvesters and helping the dealers to establish the accessories warehousing system. Time flied to January 27 in a flash, and it was Chinese New Year's Eve, the most important traditional festival in China. For each Chinese, it is a big day to ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year, and reunion with the family, but all members of the Lovol Project Team decided to spend this festival in a foreign country, so as to guarantee the user’s normal use of Lovol products. Although they could not reunion with their families for the festival, everybody was full of bright smile when they saw harvesters running in the fields with complete loading and commissioning, and dealers thumbed up for Lovol’s products and services,.

After completed service tasks on New Year’s Eve, members of the team prepared for the New Year's Eve dinner, though there were no good wine or dainty dishes, they ate steaming dumplings made by themselves. They celebrated an exotic Chinese New Year. On New Year’s Eve, the service team extended cordial greetings to their families while the company leaders also conveyed their concern and greetings to the service team in Sudan, so that they can always feel the warmth of the big Lovol family.

After the New Year Holiday, the team will continue to work, and stand fast and remain at their posts with best conditions to make every single vehicle to be well treated and every end user to be well served. This is the team staffs’ commitment made to the users and avowed mission they will stick to. They firmly believe that the products and services of Lovol will definitely bring more value and happiness to all users around the world!

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